Open Poker Winter WPT the Win Not Will Matthew Davidson

To borrow a phrase from every poker writer in the world, "the final table is set" for the WPT Winter Poker Open.

And WCP fave Davidson Matthew, who like Mr. McGregg may have a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg, will not be joining the party. If you like calling a gathering of six poker players at a final table a "party."

Joe Simmons brings the big stack to the final table, sitting with 5,500,000. Joe won a PartyPoker Sunday Millions tourney back in August. Joining him are John Gale, Johnny "World" Hennigan (nice to know he’s still alive…haven’t seen him on TV lately), Chuck Kelly (nice to know someone still goes by "Chuck"…underrated name, really), Michael Sukonik, and John James.

Check out BLUFF online for final table reporting starting at 5PM EST.


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