Orange Alert: Dan Heimiller, Steve Dannenmann Among WPT Borgata Poker Open Leaders

This can’t be good.

Uh oh.

It appears as if someone has woken them up from their post-WSOP slumber.

If the 2008 WSOP hadn’t been The Year of the ProTM, it very well could’ve been The Year of the GingerTM.

They were everywhere…multiplying faster than Gremlins jumping into a swimming pool.

During the last few days of the Main Event, there were almost more gingers playing than non-gingers. It was out of control.

We admit, we were feeling safe lately. Let our guards down. We even lowered our Threat Assessment from "Orange" to "Blonde" or "Brunnette" even.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they’ve crept up again, and threaten to suck the soul out of all those remaining in the WPT Borgata Poker Open.

With just 27 remaining, Dan Heimiller, a ginger, is the chip leader stacked at 2,870,000 (view Heimiller’s Ginger of the Day profile here). Among the 27 left is also Steve Dannenmann, a ginger, with 627,000.

Lots of big names still remain though to halt this orange threat, including Vivek Rajkumar (1,756,000), Thayer Rasmussen (1,413,000), Nick Frangos (1,140,000), Mark Seif (1,087,000), Michael Binger (718,000), Ted Forrest (607,000), Nam Le (235,000), and Chris Bell (165,000).

Brandon Cantu was knocked out in 32nd ($21,000) and Tiffany Michelle cashed in with a 46th place finish ($15,000).

Get full chip counts here.


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  1. Johnny Hughes

    September 17, 2008 4:14 am, Reply

    For some decades, we at the Anti-Ginger Defamation League, have monitored your Anti-Ginger site. You should be more gracious and selective in your harsh attacks. Do you know that some very young, impressionable Gingers read your site? Do you care about their feelings? What would America be without leading Gingers such as Thomas Jefferson, Willie Nelson, and Maureen O’Hara?
    I am a former and recovering Ginger. Your mean words don’t hurt me.
    Johnny Hughes, Founder and President.
    Anti-Ginger Defamation League
    Not tax exempt yet.

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