Our Heartland Poker Tour TV Hostess Search Continues

You don't have to pose all sexy in front of a mirror in next to nothing to enter the contest. Won't hurt your chances, but not necessary.

With just over two weeks to go, our Heartland Poker Tour TV Hostess search is really, quote-unquote heating up right now and by that we mean we just got a submission from Ass Girl herself.

Yes, The Ass Girl.

To semi rehash the details in case you missed it, the smart folks at the Heartland Poker Tour have turned to Wicked Chops Poker and our readers to find its next hostess for the event at the Turning Stone Casino on May 14th. The top three girls will be flown to Turning Stone for a final screen test audition. The winner will be the on-air TV hostess for the event and have a chance for future hosting gigs with the production.

To qualify, all you need to do is submit a headshot/photo OR link to a (SFW?) video of yourself to wickedchopspoker @ gmail.com between now and April 30.

We’re going to hold off on posting pics of the girls entering until April 30, to keep things “fair.” In the meantime, enjoy this link of hot girls (like the one above) taking pics of themselves in the mirror (NSFW).


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