Our Hopes for an All Asian Final Table Crushed, Although Tran Back as Leader at WPT LAPC


From what we can tell, of the 18 players remaining at the WPT LAPC, only four of them are Asian, ruining what we’d hope would be an all Asian final table.

But before we continue, let’s quickly get this out of the way: we’re a little prejudiced. When we see an Asian at a poker table, we automatically assume he/she is a force to be reckoned with. We stay out of pots with him/her unless we absolutely must. Why? 1) Look at the damn leaderboards at tournaments. It’s typically got more Nguyen’s and Chan’s than a Chinese (or Vietnamese) phone book. And 2) There’s a 99% chance that he/she was trained by Men the Master. Which is fine by us, since Men is a renown anti-communist, making him more red-blooded American than half the pussies in this country. End tangent.

All of this exposition of course leads us to our tournament leader, J.C. Tran, who continues to just kill the online and live tournament circuit. Tran, who built his chip lead by sucking out on Joe Sebok, is lapping the field, stacked at 3,461,000. In second overall is an “American” from South Florida who doesn’t speak a lick of English named Jacobo Fernandez with 1,334,000.

Yesterday’s chip leader, Bill Edler, is fourth overall with 1,160,000. Other notables remaining include Chau Giang, Paul Wasicka, and Kristy Gazes, who is a woman.

Suk Sung was eliminated in 21st place.

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