Padraig Harrington Offically Greater Than Dan Harrington

Padraig Harrington has now made about $25 mil more than cousin Dan in career earnings.

We’re kind of sick talking about this too but since most poker players are golfers and as noted earlier it’s pretty f’in slow around here, what the hell.

Dan Harrington‘s cousin, Padraig Harrington, won his third overall major and second this year by capturing the PGA Championship.

If there was any doubt before the weekend as to who the greatest living Harrington is, Padraig just slammed the door shut on that argument. Dan Harrington does have two major titles (a WSOP Main Event and WPT), but Padraig has now has three. And with this weekend’s win, Padraig has a makes-you-wanna-throw-up-in-your-mouth $30+ million in career earnings. Dan has over $6M.

In somewhat related and definitely sexier news, it’s the hottest of the clan (although not related as far as we know), Amanda Harrington! And actually, after consulting our penises, she’s the greatest living Harrington! Watch a video of Amanda in action after the jump and some photos here!

Watch on YouTube here.


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  1. Something About Poker

    August 10, 2008 8:03 pm, Reply

    Hahah…is that the same Golfing relative he talks about in the WSOP “The Nuts Series” when he says I have a funny story and his mum didn’t care he was champ with a million in the bank.
    Dan is still the man and his books improved my game heaps!

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