Pamela Anderson Engaged to Poker Player?

According to E! Online, Pamela Anderson is either dating or engaged to a professional poker player.

Pamela AndersonSo apparently the rumors about her and Hans Klok are not true. Dammit, we knew that that German Dutch magician wasn’t into chicks. Or Pam wasn’t into German Dutch magicians.

In the E! story, Pam admitted to Ellen Degeneres that:

"…she was primed to swap vows with a professional poker player she met while down $250,000, who said that "if I made out with him, that I could clear the thing…Then I fell in love and now we are engaged." But on second thought, "I’m not really engaged," she admitted. "I don’t know what I am. But yeah. It worked out. I liked it…I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors and I fell in love. It’s so romantic. It’s romance." To which Ellen replied, "It is romantic. ‘Let me tell you how mommy and daddy met…’"

God bless Pamela Anderson. Ladies of the world, we hope you’re listening and learning.

The fact that Pamela would be into a pro player shouldn’t be a huge surprise, as she has shown a penchant for poker in the past, as she briefly launched an online site in July of 2006.

But the big question is…who is she dating? Is she cougaring a younger player, or has she sidled up with a more grizzled vet? And how the f’ have we not heard about this before? Screw you, grapevine. You’ve let us down again.


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  1. beelzebubba

    September 13, 2007 12:33 pm, Reply

    That’s cool I guess but who wants to be after tommy lee and kid rock, I distincly remember that aids awareness poster and huge pyramid of people.which leads to my next comment, I wonder if she’s into german shizer videos?

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