Paris, Pamela, and Poker

Paris2_1 A recent article in Poker 777 discusses how "poker" is becoming the most searched term on the (so-called) Internet.

"Poker" has been a steady climber on the Lycos Top 50, and has now reached the exalted status of the fourth most searched term, right behind Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson (who’s been on this list longer than Tommy Lee’s…), and Britney Spears.

We’re not surprised.  As Paris would say, poker is hot.  And so what if Paris Hilton is the top searched term, and poker is behind her?  It’s not a shame to be behind Paris Hilton…even if half of Hollywood already has been.

Thank you, thank you.  We’ll be here all week.

Pamelaanderson14aWe here at Wicked Chops Poker get thousands of hits a week from people searching for poker terms, phrases, news, and events.  We also get a bunch of "Estella Warren" image searches from Europe, thanks to Snakes’ article on choosing between her or General Grievous’s robotic penis.  It’s easily our most searched term.  Obviously, she’s huge in Europe.

But for all the normal poker searches we get, we also get some weird shit.

For example, here’s some terms that have hit within the past 24 hours…

Now we’re not surprised we receive the occasional image search for hot girls.  We know the pics of hot chicks is one of the things we’re known for…but not necessarily ones in panties playing poker.  But why "Erin Ness" is one of our top regular search terms still beats us.  She’s barely been mentioned on the site.

Gis1The real kicker is why Ness would get bigger action than someone showcased much more prominently, like a Gisele Bundchen.  Whoever did google Gisele wasn’t messing around, cause he’s looking for her email addressBlackSpy, was that you?  And who was looking for Dr. Pauly’s emailJust go to his site.  It’s right there.

Then we have the guy who amped up the stalker quotient with the Brad Kondracki’s girlfriend search. Although that’s better than whoever was looking for Marion Barry’s hooker.  Come on y’all, crack is whack.

Around 3pm, someone was looking for something nutty, where he likely found a link to the Marion Barry hooker-looker.  Or even nuttier, a link to anything involving Val Kilmer.  Well, Val’s not so much a nut as he’s just stooopid.  Although not as stupid as someone with a mull hawk

Now only if we could find a hot girl with a mull hawk…


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