Partouche Ends Poker Tour, Honors Guarantee, O’Brien at Final Table

Partouche = drama.

Maybe it’s because they’re French and as we all know the only thing the French can “do” right is wine, but the Partouche Poker Tour always seems to be ripe with controversy and behind-the-scenes whispers of scandal. Sacrebleu!

The latest drama came this past week at the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event. The event was supposed to have a €5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, but when it fell  €735,420 short of the minimum, Partouche reneged on the guarantee. Sacrebleu!

A couple of days later, Patrick Partouche, who would be the CEO of Groupe Partouche, reneged on reneging, adding the aforementioned €735,420 back to the prize pool. He also announced the end of the Partouche Poker Tour. Sacrebleu!

Watch the unintentional comedy unfold as Young Colonel Sanders Patrick Partouche announces the end of the tour at the 4:31 mark in the above vid.

In related news, the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event final table is currently underway. Dan O’Brien is among the final table-ist. Follow Dan’s Twitter account for updates here.

Read more about how the Partouche Groupe monkey effed a football on PokerNews here.


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