Party On: PartyGaming Names New CEO

The search for a new CEO to replace the recently departed Richard Segal is over.  PartyGaming (PRTY.L) has named Mitch Garber its new head honcho.

Garber, who was previously with online payment firm FireOne, apparently has no issue with what was ultimately Segal’s sticking point: moving to Gibraltar.

Maybe that’s because Garber is from Canada.   

SavannaShares of PartyGaming were up oh so slightly today, gaining 0.78%. 

In totally unrelated news, pornstar Savanna Samson has just launched her own wine, and apparently, it tastes slightly better than she does. 

The wine, Sogno Uno, is a 2004 vintage that has just received a 90 to 91 rating from noted wine guru Robert Parker.  The label has Samson, pictured at right, in a see-through gown.  Samson says the wine "really represents who I am." 

After hearing that, noted wine guru Robert Parker immediately got tested for herpes, hepatitis-B, and the clap. 


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