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“What do Lucy Pinder’s norks, whale sharks and Party Poker all have in common?” asks soft-core porn/men’s mag FHM.

“They’re all huge!”

True. True indeed, especially those whale sharks. I mean, look at that photo. They’re big, beautiful creatures, aren’t they?

Well, mark this under “Affiliate Programs You Can’t Compete With.” FHM is pimping Party Poker and sex like pimping was meant to be by offering those who use its bonus code, sevensix (oh wait, that’s our code), access to stripped down inch-perfect models on both their website and a “sizzling DVD” you get just for signing up at Party Poker with their bonus code, sevensix (oh damn, that’s ours, not theirs). Plus by using the FHM bonus code sevensix (sorry, that’s ours again) you can also win “superb monthly prizes, including luxury fashion and hardware specials.”

How can you compete with that? Well, keep pimping your own code as theirs is one but people won’t get access to all the hotties if they use sevensix. All they’ll get is the pleasure of knowing they’ve helped soft-core porn addicted men pay for their subscriptions to magazines like FHM. And that’s something we can all be proud of lending a hand to (uh, the lending a hand cliche doesn’t quite work well here does it?).

Anyway, we like FHM’s approach. In addition to the hotties they even offer some style suggestions for poker players and all you have to do is look at, well I won’t name any Magicians, but some of the pro players definitely need some help with their duds. So go check out FHM’s Party Poker’s hotties and goodies at the FHM Players Lounge and find out more about their affiliate pimping. Some of the ladies we like after the jump.



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