Pass the Tissues – Richie Splits with DJ AM . . . Again

Why we do report on this particular on-and-off relationship time-and-time again?

Perhaps it’s just because we like the photo we took of Nicole Richie and Bodog celebrity pokerer DJ AM at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Why is news coming out now that Nicole Richie and Bodog celebrity pokerer DJ AM have once again called it quits?

Perhaps it’s because the new Simple Life on E! sucks. Nothing helps a sucky TV show or movie better than celebrity gossip. Right Bradgelina?

Or perhaps it’s because Richie was banging Jackass Steve-O when she wasn’t working the AM shift, so to speak?

And speaking of Steve-O, is he really dying?

And is Britney Spears finally dumping K-Fed?

And are Tom and Kate (aka Katie) fighting?

And is Jessica Simpson and David Lee Roth the same person?

For the answer to the last question, you’ll have to wait for today’s Friday Night Parting Shot. As for the others, go somewhere else.


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