Patrik Antonius & Mark Vos Need to Hug It Out

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Ok, yeah, you read that headline and are probably thinking, “Well of course he does. Mark Vos is a ginger.”

However, Patrik Antonius doesn’t like Mark Vos for reasons other than the color of his hair. This is interesting, because we thought the hierarchy of reasons why people don’t like someone go pretty much like this: 1) they’re a ginger, 2) they believe in the 9/11 conspiracy, 3) they’re a ginger, 4) they slept with your wife or something.

Now apparently the bad feelings between Antonius and Vos stem from a comment Vos made regarding Antonius possibly multi-accounting (Vos explains it on 2+2 here).

In a recent interview with Black Belt Poker, Antonius comments on the Vos “feud” by saying:

“I’m angry with Mark Vos because he… er…. he… yeah, he’s pretty much a fucking idiot. He’s been saying things to people about me that aren’t true and it’s been interfering with and disturbing my work. We work under the same company, and he’s been telling things to the top of the company which weren’t true. He shouldn’t be talking about things that he doesn’t know about.”

Apparently Mark Vos never watched the above video. If he had, he would’ve learned that you NEVER piss off Patrik Antonius. Wonder if Patrik thinks Mark should work at McDonald’s (about 3:42 in)?

Anyway, maybe they can get all Gus Hansen and Theo Jorgensen and work it out in the ring.


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