“Paul” Eskimo Clark Has An Ironic Moment

Eskimo_clarkLast year, poker pro "Paul" Eskimo Clark proved to be super-human by suffering and playing through not one but two strokes during the WSOP.

Who "plays through" a stroke???

"Paul" Eskimo Clark, that’s who.

Suffice to say that perhaps our favorite moment of the 2008 WSOP thus far occurred late morning when the following scenario occured: one of the booths in the hallway outside of the poker room had a speaker blasting Billy Squire’s immortal "The Stroke." And right during the bridge when the Billy’s back-up vocalists are chanting/singing "Stroke! Stroke!" none other than "Paul" Eskimo Clark walks by.

The Entities did a quick glance around to see if anybody else caught the awesomeness of this too-good-to-be-true moment but apparently it was lost on everyone around.

* The part of "The Stroke" we’re referring to occurs at the 2:15 marker in this video if you can make it that long.

** Thanks to Dan from Pokerati for the new pic of Eskimo.


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