Paul “Eskimo” Clark is Super Human

Eskimowsop2After collapsing in the Poker Sauna last week and being rushed to the hospital, then twice being laid out on the ground yesterday during Day 2 of the $1500 Razz event, Paul “Eskimo” Clark has managed to overcome all obstacles before him to forge ahead and make his way to a final table today in Event #29 at the 2007 WSOP.

It’s been an incredible display of Dean Karnazes-like super human endurance as Eskimo fights through seizure-like symptoms with no substantive nutritional sustenance, other than an occasional banana, Bayer aspirin and cigarettes, and sits on his ass at a poker table, pushes his chips forward, with occasional assistance, and lifts the .004 of an ounce cards up an inch off the table hand after hand for many hours.

To say we’re not impressed would be a lie. The man is a hero to us and surely to Eskimos both big and small everywhere.

Other players left in the Razz event include the legendary O’Neil Longson (385,500), who we think was born during the Fillmore administration, Men “The Master” Nguyen (35,000), who’s here endorsing Corona Energy Drink, and Katja Thater (117,000), a more-than-marginally attractive woman who comes off as really intense and uptight and we kind of find her sexy because of this.

After the jump, more pics of Eskimo taking a break next to his table yesterday.



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