Paul “Eskimo” Clark is Unhealthy

Pauleskimoclark_2As we were walking out of the Amazon Room about an hour ago, some hotel security flunkies rushed passed us towards the Razz tables. Apparently a medical situation had arisen which we gave 3-5 odds it had to do with Paul “Eskimo” Clark.

Indeed it did.

The 60-year-old Louisiana native who just days ago collapsed in the Poker Sauna (the Tent outside the Rio), had made it to Day 2 of Event #29 and was seated at his table looking confused, his head slumped forward, his hands and arms appearing to convulse, albeit mildy, and players at his table, including Mickey Appleman, trying to get his attention. One by one, more security guards came rushing up to Eskimo’s table, all looking confused themselves, as the Tournament Director called for an impromptu 15 minute break to clear the area.

As Eskimo continued to stare aimlessly, looking like he was having petit mal seizures, we told the Harrah’s rep on the floor to call for a doctor or paramedics, and he claimed the security guards were all EMTs and were handling the situation. Sure they were, if five security guys standing around looking clueless as one tries to get Eskimo to stand, then lay on the floor, then get back into his seat while administering him water–something a real doctor nearby said wasn’t a good thing to do–constitutes handling the situation. To us, it looked like five hotel security guards doing more harm than good and who we wouldn’t want treating us for a stubbed toe, let alone something more serious.

Back in his chair, Eskimo argued that he was OK to continue, which Harrah’s obliged. Appleman thought outherwise, complaining to the Harrah’s reps on the floor that the security guards there were “self-righteous” and that real doctors should be called in. Appleman also said that they shouldn’t listen to Eskimo as he’d continue to play even if he was minutes from dying, which he may be, and if not minutes, perhaps days, weeks or maybe a month at best. The man looks like total crap, even when he isn’t convulsing, and Harrah’s has to realize that there is some serious liability brewing, should the worst happen. Regardless, Eskimo is still seated and among the final 48 left in the tournament.

In related news, Kenny Crumpton of Fox 8 News plays the skin flute.

UPDATE: It just happened again. Same exact thing but a bit worse. The right side of his body stopped functioning more or less and players at the table had to help him muck his cards and stack his chips, which are many right now as he looks to be at or near the top of the chip count with 40 or so players left in the tournament. This time the Clark County paramedics were called in and checked his blood pressure (170 over 100). They also asked him what was the last thing he ate. “A banana,” he said. “And a Bayer aspirin.” All players are on dinner break now, and from all reports, Eskimo plans to come back to play.


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