Paul Leggett on Cereus Security Issues

Cereus COO Paul Leggett joined Poker2Nite on its season finale to address the latest security issue on the site.

For the most part, standard spinning/damage control, but at least they’re getting out in front of the issue for a change. On the extended online version of the interview, Joe Sebok asked how Paul would respond to people who say that UB/Cereus has lied to people in the past, so they’re probably lying about this latest security issue as well. Leggett responds that he doesn’t “blame people for feeling that way.” He also said that it was “…very unlikely that someone was able to exploit [the security breach].” Probably not the explanation people want (just amazing that after all of the past problems there was yet another breach) but Paul goes on to note that the company refunded $24M to players from the past scandal (last we read it was $22M but maybe that $24M total includes the fines as well)

Watch the above clip for the full interview.


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