Paul Wasicka Is Above Average Stacked

Paul Wasicka, whose name sounds too much like swastika for our liking, just knocked out Doug Kim in 7th place.

The KO gives Wasicka 15M, which is about the average stack.

In unrelated news, Rhett Butler’s strategy of not playing any hands is working perfectly, as he still hasn’t played a hand.

And on the off-chance you’re not rapidly refreshing our sites for updates, check out ESPN’s blog for more live coverage.

UPDATE: At the break, here’s the approximate chip counts: Jamie Gold – 38,200,000, Richard Lee – 19,000,000, Paul Wasicka – 14,500,000, Allen Cunningham – 13,000,000, Rhett Butler – 3,000,000, Michael Binger – 2,900,000.


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