People Got Drunk at Phil Hellmuth’s Holiday Party

This past Tuesday night, Phil Hellmuth threw a big birthday/holiday party in a Palms fantasy suite. If we were retarded, we’d say it looked "off the chain" or "off the hook" or "was the bomb." The dude with that thing on his chin from Anthrax played, and apparently, plenty of booze was available.

Having some fun at the party included party tour guide Gavin Smith, recent Five-Diamond $5k runner-up finisher Sully Erna, Roland de Wolfe, and Jamie Gold (who provides one of the night’s best lines about 3:45 in). Watch below or here.


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  1. fraac

    December 13, 2007 10:33 pm, Reply

    Your RSS feed has changed so I don’t get the whole entry, I have to click a link. Can you change it back please? I like pretty girls, I don’t click links.

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