People Love Party In Record Numbers: PartyGaming Records More Records

MoneyPartyGaming, the porn to riches online gaming giant started by a phone sex princess and A. Dikshit, has had yet another record setting quarter.  With a record amount of new poker sign-ups, first quarter revenues jumped 54% to a record $342.6M. In total, the site increased its active poker player base by 20% to a new record of 263,254. 

An even stronger indicator of PartyGaming’s continued record-setting financial strength is that 39% of these new users were from outside the US.  And the addition of its PartyCasino platform at the beginning of the year has increased overall net casino sales to more than a mil a day.

PartyGaming is also now available in a record number of languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, and Aramaic*.

In a statement, PartyGaming said future plans include, "breaking every record conceived by man, starting with that big-headed Barry Bonds single-season home run record.**"

*Not true.  **Also not true.


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