Persian Poker Is Scary, May End World

BoomPerhaps it’s because poker was derived from an ancient Persian bluffing game called “As Nas” or maybe it’s because foreign policy commentators are even more desperate to use poker metaphors than sports and business writers, but for whatever reason, people can’t help but to talk “Poker” when discussing the West’s current stalemate with Iran over the latter’s nuclear ambitions.

In fact, it’s even become a game now that we like to call Persian Poker.

And if you believe Kenneth Timmerman, of David Horowitz’s, this game of heads-up against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadineja, the “Crazy Bitch Williamsen” of Persian Poker, just may come to an ugly end faster than Ollie Hudson’s one-hand journey at this year’s main event.

Read the story or just look at the above pic of Dr. Evil incarnate to get the point.


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  1. snake

    February 10, 2006 5:53 am, Reply

    no, we’re more like an affiliate of SNL…we take a bad joke and go on and on and on with it.
    my horoscope in the onion the other day was:
    “Your longtime wish for a better poker face will finally be granted this week; unfortunately, you’ll lack the mental capacity required to play poker after the stroke.”
    You’ve had any good runs down in the AC lately?

  2. Persian Kitty

    February 11, 2006 9:26 am, Reply

    Unfortunately even the Onion sucks now.
    Nothing to report on the AC front. Too busy to get down there during the week, and you still can’t get a table at the Borgata or Taj on a weekend.
    I’d like to try Harrah’s new room.

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