Peter Eastgate Signs with Poker Royalty, Is Going to Be Huge In Europe


On the heels of banking 9 mil and becoming the youngest WSOP Main Event champ in history, Peter Eastgate has signed on with Poker Royalty for representation.

According to the press release, Eastgate will rely on PoRo for "worldwide management and marketing representation across all major platforms, including media, sponsorship, licensing, commercial endorsements and appearances."

Poker Royalty recently opened a European office, which would likely spearhead these efforts, because Eastgate is going to be huge in Europe. He probably already has a best selling album in Belgium.

Read the full press release here or after the jump.


Las Vegas, NV – November 11, 2008 – Poker Royalty, the industry’s premier poker representation agency, announced today that 2008 World Series of Poker Champion Peter Eastgate has selected Poker Royalty for worldwide management and marketing representation across all major platforms, including media, sponsorship, licensing, commercial endorsements and appearances.  Hailing from Denmark, the 22 year old poker pro now holds the title of the youngest World Series of Poker Champion.

"Peter is the epitome of the young, intelligent and fearless online poker professional whose game has translated fantastically to the world of live tournament poker,” said Jim Erwood, Poker Royalty Director of European Operations. “It is a very unique opportunity for us, because he’s a very marketable twenty-two year international player with $9,000,000 in the bank.  Peter can afford to be very selective with the endorsement relationships he chooses and align himself with opportunities that suit him perfectly.”

"I believe the team at Poker Royalty is best suited to help me navigate through the duties and opportunities that arise as the reigning World Series of Poker Champion.  They represent the biggest names in poker and I’m honored to have them working on my behalf,” said Eastgate.

Eastgate earned just over $9 million in the 2008 World Series Main Event. He outlasted 6,844 opponents from 72 different countries in the longest World Series of Poker in history.


Poker Royalty is a full-service poker player marketing and representation agency specializing in the poker industry.  Founded in 2003, Poker Royalty has successfully negotiated over 500 poker related sponsorships, endorsements, speaking appearances, licensing and consulting agreements.  Poker Royalty’s relationships within the gaming industry are unparalleled and include exclusive management of the games most marketable poker professionals.  Please contact Poker Royalty if you are interested in poker marketing opportunities, furthering your poker related business ventures or wish to hire poker players for speaking engagements or personal appearances.


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