Peter Eastgate, Xuan Liu Out At EPT Copenhagen, Michael Tureniec Leads

Much like the above, a good day went bad for Peter Eastgate on Day 2 of the EPT Copenhagen.

Let’s keep this short. Day 2 at the EPT Copenhagen is done, and at the top of the chip count are three Swedes, Michael Tureniec (640k), Per Linde (514k) and Joel Nordkvist (419k).

Notable pros still among the 73 remaining include JP Kelly (416k), Johnny Lodden (194k) [our WSOP podcast w/ him here] and Juha Helppi (159k). Chipleader at the start of the day, the unknown/unpronounceable Domantas Klimciauskas, is still around with 212,200 in chips.

Not still around at the EPT Copenhagen, and ensuring our lack of interest here on out, are the unretiring Peter Eastgate and our new favorite poker playing hottie, Xuan Liu.

For a recap of the day, go here.

Photo of the aforemention Xuan Liu here.

To follow Xuan Liu on Twitter, go here.


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