Phil Gordon Has About-Face on Justin Bonomo, Loses Heads-Up to Him today at WSOP

Phil Gordon goes heads-up against Justin Bonomo today at the 2008 WSOP

Early in 2007, Phil Gordon publicly stated that he wanted nothing to do with Justin Bonomo, saying on his Poker Edge radio show:

‘”I don’t ever want to have him on the show…I don’t want his name brought up on the show.”

This week Bonomo’s name did come up on Gordon’s show, but this time the ridiculously tall poker pro (6’9″ to all those people who strangely google it and end up on our site) had nothing but praise for the 22-year-old, saying he considers him “extremely bright,” “a fantastic player,” “respectful and nice,” with “a very good attitude,” and that he will be a force to reckon with for years to come.

He also said that Bonomo is a much better player than him, something Bonomo was able to prove today when the two ironically faced off during the second round of the World Heads-Up Hold’em Championship at the 2008 WSOP. After being down to under 3k in chips, Bonomo stormed back for the win and will move on to the third round tonight.

As for Gordon, we hear he’s ready to have Bonomo on his show. Perhaps next week.

Relatedly, Gordon’s wife gave birth to a baby boy a few weeks ago, and word is some of the Tilt Boys have a wager on the kid’s eventual height. Over under set at 6’8″.

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Listen to Gordon talking about Bonomo, among other things, on Poker Edge here.

See a photo of what we think Gordon would look like if he went life busto after the jump . . .



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