Phil Gordon Is As Tall As The World’s Tallest Female Model

Philgordon1Carolinewelz1At least once a day, someone finds his or her way to by searching “How tall is Phil Gordon?”

Or at least that’s what our interns tell us in the detailed hourly reports they submit from our Wicked Chops Poker Scandinavian IT headquarters in Malm√∂, Sweden.

And while we’ve said a lot about Phil in the past, including that he’s a very tall, tall man, we’ve never once reported his actual height.

So to quench the quest of those who ask the question “How tall is Phil Gordon?,” the answer is:

6’9″ (2.06 meters for French people).

Which happens to be taller than the average bear and the exact same height as the world’s tallest female model, Caroline Welz (pictured above).

By the way, now is probably an appropriate time to let it be known that Wicked Chops Poker is scared of women who are taller than the average bear. Women like Amazon Astrid. Probably a sweet lady. But scary.

Below is a pic of Amazon, who, if that’s her birthname, her parents’ have wicked prediction chops. And next to Amazon is a photo of longtime Wicked Chops fave April Scott. You know, to put things into perspective. Because she’s hot, and not 6’5″. Thus not scary.




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