Phil Gordon Ripping Richard Lee After Winning Big Pot

Gordon1_2Phil Gordon, one of the final table PPV hosts, is ripping Richard Lee after winning a big pot off of Jamie Gold.

Lee limped UTG. Gold limps from the small blind. Rhett Butler checks his option. The flop came J-J-3. It’s checked to Lee, who bets 200k and is reraised another 500k by Gold. Butler gets out and Lee calls. Turn and river are Aces. Gold bets out 600k on the river and Lee calls, showing Q-Jo, raking the pot.

Gordon is just slaying Lee for limping UTG with Q-Jo. T.J. Cloutier joined the broadcast booth and Gordon is still drilling Lee for the move.

But it paid off, and Lee is back up to over 11M.

Gold is down to 27,570,000.


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