Phil Gordon Wants No Part of Justin Bonomo

With the holidays, ski trips in Austria, and four days of complete black-out from ridiculously excessive drug use, we missed a few stories over the last month.

JustinbonomophotoAs we’ve somewhat chronicled, since turning 21, Justin Bonomo (at right) has flat-out tore up the poker landscape. He’s in position to make yet another final table at another WPT main event, this time at the Caribbean Fantastical Adventure.

However, there’s a lot of people that still don’t like the kid. One of them being Phil Gordon.

In a recent, if by "recent" we mean "three weeks ago" Poker Edge on ESPN, Gordon referred to Bonomo as "the cheater" and said,

"I don’t ever want to have him on the show…I don’t want his name brought up on the show."

He then suggested that anyone identified as a cheater should receive an automatic five-year ban from playing live poker.

We here at Wicked Chops Poker are not ones to editorialize. However, we certainly don’t believe in cheating unless: 1) it helps you win, or 2) you know you won’t get caught.

So really, we’re probably not the best source on this one.

What we do know is regardless of Bonomo’s cheating online, which he did do, it’s pretty tough to multi-table live tournaments, and the kid is kicking ass.

We think we had another point to make, but we know we forgot it. Where’s that "publish" button. Ah yes…


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