Phil Hellmuth and Others to Play $9 Million Golf Match for ESPN

11-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth stopped by the studio in Las Vegas today, climbed on top of the roof and talked for 13 minutes about his favorite subject, himself. Among the things we learn is that Hellmuth finally won his first Ultimate Blackjack tournament, beating creepy old man Renee Angeli.

He also shares details about a $9 million golf match at the Rio Secco that ESPN is filming this Wednesday and will air in October. The match consists of three teams of three with each player ponying up $1 million cash. Doyle Brunson, Dewey Tomko, Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, Daniel Negreanu and Vince Van Patten are among the poker players competing.

Hellmuth also talks about a few other things but we skipped the rest to watch a new video of our favorite RawVegas Girls Denise Pernula, Lacey Jones and Andrea Tiede chowing down at Dick’s Last Resort. It’s a restaurant review so no Denise getting chowdered or Andrea kissing Katie Rees but Lacey does repeatedly talk about eating boners half way through the video and Denise does seductively feed Lacey dessert. We’re easy to please folks . . . if you look like Denise, Lacey and Andrea.

Watch the Phil Hellmuth video below or here.

Watch the Denise, Lacey and Andrea video after the jump or here.


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