Phil Hellmuth Forgot About Something Today

Phil Hellmuth's chair < Vinnie Vinh's chair.

It was a mad scramble to find Phil Hellmuth, as the current Player of the Year forgot he was playing today.

There has been some confusion with a few players who had played Day 1C thinking they wouldn’t be playing again until Day 2B.

Hellmuth was one of them.

From his Twitter feed:

Security broke into my room, I’m like, “What’s going on?!?” SGuard says, “You’re playing in the World Series of Poker today.”
I jump out of bed, dress, and run down to my car. Didn’t know you could drive 75 on side roads!! I Thought I played Day 2 Tuesday…
Never crossed my mind that I played today!! Started $11,800: 1 hr 40 min late + had $6,975, OUCH!! Changed Sunday to Sat to do charity event

Hellmuth has since built his stack back up to around 10k.


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