Phil Hellmuth Out Stacked By Pretty Much Everyone Around Him

Phil Hellmuth is outstacked by those around him in the $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo event at the 2009 WSOP

11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth seems unfocused today on day 2 of the $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo event.

Around 130 players remain in Event No. 3, the $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo event, and right now Eli Elezra is at the top of the chip count with 86,000. Other big name pros doing well on day 2 include our official pick to “Vinnie Vinh chair” an event this year Layne Flack (75k), caught reading our Bluff column at the table Annie Duke, a woman (46k), Toto Leonidas (45k), Chip Jett (40k), Jordan Rich, a ginger (40k), Chad Brown (37k), and half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (35k).

Not doing so hot is 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, who is down to 7900 after starting the day with 32,500. Actually, make that down to 0 as he just busted. Look for some Twit-rage from him here. In good news, Hellmuth is picking up where he left off last year in the Girls On The Rail department and currently leads with two Girls On The Rail photos (above and here).

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