Phil Hellmuth, Phil Hellmuth’s Ego Will Not Be On Surreal Life 7

Last week, a article here suggested that Phil Hellmuth would join the cast of Surreal Life 7 along with Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Carrot Top, Miss Cleo, Dabney Coleman, and Nikki McKibbin.

NikkimckibbinThen, this site, this site, and damn it, even this one reported on it as true.

Well, unfortunately it’s not.

Phil Hellmuth will not be on Surreal Life 7. According to sources, he wasn’t ever even contacted to be on Surreal Life 7. So let’s dispel that rumor right now.

Having said all of this, in the photo at right, Nikki McKibbin dispels the rumor that she does not have breasts, because it’s very clear in the photo at right that she does in fact have breasts. We also can confirm that Nikki McKibbon fucks. Not because any of the Entities have actually slept with her, but instead because she has a kid, which kind of tipped us off.

On that note, you can hire Wicked Chops Poker to be your personal detectives by emailing us at We can solve any case. Especially if it involves finding breasts.


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