Phil Ivey Courtside at Lakers Game Will Qualify as Poker News Today

Poker pro Phil Ivey at Lakers playoff game

As the Entities watched the LA Lakers win a thriller against the Utah Mormons last night, we noticed a familar face screaming “Are you kidding me???!!!” at the refs with around two-and-a-half to go: poker pro Phil Ivey.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones who noticed Ivey (seen above, sitting as 20,000 other stand), as Pocket 5’s (here) and 2+2 (here) have some threads on it.

The big question is how did Ivey get the courtside tix? While our answers range from, “Who really cares?” to “Seriously, who really cares?” the common theories are that high-stakes player/friend Jerry Buss gave them to him, as he’s been known to do, or that the Laker’s owner is paying off a prop bet debt to him with the choice seats.

In related news, can somebody get the “Are you kidding me?” up on YouTube? Thanks.


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