Phil Ivey Does Not Win WPTDBFDWPCASS; Hansen, Negreanu, Lindgren Among Chip Leaders

WptlogoAfter spending a couple of days crushing the  World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic All-Star Spectacular (WPTDBFDWPCASS), Phil Ivey flamed out on Day 2 just short of the money.

Ivey had been playing his typical aggressive style all day, putting his stack in jeopardy numerous time. But his stack started taking hits and dwindling down. His last hand of the tourney was against Hoyt Corkins, who in typical Hoyt-style, had been sucking out on people all day and built a big stack. Ivey pushed all-in after the flop with an open-ended straight draw. Hoyt held two Kings. The Kings held. Ivey busted in 103rd place…with 100 places paying.

The chip leader after Day 3 is Jordan Rich, a ginger. Rich, who like most gingers has no soul, is stacked at 1,238,000. He gained most of those chips by creeping the people at his table the fuck out as they stared into his soulless eyes.

Many notable big names are big stacked, including Gus Hansen (1,128,000), Daniel Negreanu (844,000), Erick Lindgren (497,000), Hoyt Corkins (453,000), Todd Brunson (393,000), Roy Winston (333,000), Marcel Luske (275,000), Ryan Daut (271,000), Dave Ulliott (240,000), and the guy we’ve been predicting a big win from for two years now, Huck Seed (127,000).


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