Phil Ivey in ESPN the Mag: Let the N9 (TM) Hype Machine Begin

Phil Ivey will be featured in ESPN the Magazine and E:60 leading up to the WSOP Main Event final table.

Phil Ivey will be featured in ESPN the Magazine and E:60 leading up to the WSOP Main Event final table.

Slowly but surely, the hype machine around the November NineTM has started to build. ESPN the Magazine has a feature running on the Tiger Woods of Poker, Phil Ivey, in the latest issue.

Nothing revealing or groundbreaking at all. Starts off:

“About a month ago, I went on an around the world, four-day, four-country tour with Phil Ivey. No joke. On his private jet we flew from Connecticut to Montreal to Amsterdam to Austria. He played some dice, won some money, made appearances for Full Tilt Poker and generally lived like a rock star.”

The author did write that “they” filmed a piece on Ivey that will appear on E:60 on November 3rd. So look out for that.

If you have an ESPN Insider account, read the article in full here. Or sign up for an Insider account and then read it. Feldman, hook us up with affiliate monies, cool?


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  1. JackMack

    October 14, 2009 2:59 pm, Reply

    I think it is sad that some folks call Phil Ivey “the tiger woods of poker.” Phil is a nice guy, Tiger is an asshole. There is no comparison and there should be no comparison. The only reason there is one is because Phil is black.

    • China Man

      October 14, 2009 8:47 pm, Reply

      Jack, I agree whole-heartily. Like I said on this site previously, Phil Helmuth is a much more apt comparison for Tiger Woods. Both men achieved stardom in their sport/hobby at a young age and are still, arguably, in their prime. Sure, Ivey may be elite, just like Tiger, but that’s where the similarities (besides them being black and a halvesey) end.

      Helmuth and Tiger also share the bitter pill of a personality.

      I don’t think any golf player works as a comparison. After thinking about this for the past minute, I think there is a sports comparison that works for Ivey, and it’s a baseball one.

      If Ivey is like any other athlete, it’s Willie Mays. Both players have/had an amazing career, punctuated by moments of greatness. Ivey, it seems, also shares the mystique of Mays. As most baseball fans know, Mays doesn’t lead any statistical category but is regarded by many as the greatest baseball player ever.

      If Ivey becomes the all-time bracelet holder, then we’ll talk about reclassification.

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