Phil Ivey Likes to Gamble

Phil Ivey is rumored to have $2 million on the LA Lakers.

You may know this already, but Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey kind of likes to gamble.

It’s one of the reasons why he’s one of our favorite guys on the circuit.

Word on the street Amazon Poker Room floor (and this is still somewhat unsubstantiated so far so take it for what it’s worth) is that Ivey has $2M riding on the Lakers to win the NBA Finals.

As seen above, Ivey was playing the $2,000 Limit event last night, sometimes playing and raising hands without looking at his cards as he watched the NBA Championship game on the flat screen.

For more on Phil Ivey liking to gamble, watch Phil Ivey play Craps for a million on the Life of Ivey on

All photos courtesy of the one French guy we dig, Benjo.

Phil_ivey_lakers_bet2 Phil_ivey_lakers_bet3 Phil_ivey_lakers_bet4 Phil_ivey_lakers_bet5


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