Phil Ivey Makes David Blaine Eat Glass for $10,000

David Blaine, who magically dated Josie Moran, ate glass for $10,000

David Blaine creeps us the fuck out.

Sure, we may be a little jealous that he gets to bang super-models like Josie Moran (above), Mallory Snyder, Manon von Gerkan, Lonneke Engel, and even Fionna Apple, who is probably killer in the sack.

And his "magic" isn’t so much "magic." It’s more like an extreme version of Jackass.

But for whatever reason, magicians/illusionists seem to pull mad tail. And David Blaine is obviously no exception. Even though he’s creepy and is friends with Michael Jackson.

Preamble out of the way, Blaine apparently is friends with none other than poker player Phil Ivey. As most of you know, Ivey loves to make extreme prop bets. So last night at TAO in New York, Ivey popped this one on the magician: eat some glass for 10 dimes.

And according to

"So Blaine broke a large glass and then ate every shard, much to the horror of fellow diners.
And the star’s representative confirmed that the stunt was genuine…"

Read the full article here.

Photos of Josie Moran and one of Mallory Snyder (far right) that magically get bigger when you click them below . . .


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