Phil Ivey of Golf Google Parody Video

On the rare occasion, we have a soft-spot in our heart. Like the one time we saw an old lady with a walker approach a door at Target, but it wasn’t the automatically opening kind of door, the one one has to push (bless her heart for going to the wrong one), and we thought to ourselves, “It sure would be nice if someone opened that door for her,” and then started inching our way to the auto-opening door while walking slower than normal, and then we (thankfully) noticed someone double-timing it to the old lady and with a big smile on his face open not just the first door but also the second door for her as we thought, “What a good kid that is, opening doors for old ladies, his mom raised him well, and actually, speaking of his aforementioned mom, she is kinda hot…”

So when we saw the Google ad during the Super Bowl, even though most of it had to do with searches related to “France,” it still pulled at our collective heartstrings. “That’s actually really sweet,” we thought, followed by, “And it’s really ripe for parody.”

No more than a couple of days later, an awesome parody was made, taking some jabs at the Phil Ivey of Golf, Tiger Woods. Watch above and enjoy.

Also, in related poker-golf comparison news, Gus Hansen‘s twin brother, Jesper Parnevik, who has been one of the few out-spoken pros voicing his disgust at the actions of the Phil Ivey of Golf, Tiger Woods, announced his retirement yesterday.


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  1. Kid Dynamite

    February 11, 2010 2:00 pm, Reply

    tremendous video. as soon as i saw the super bowl ad, i was thinking of a parody: instead of searching romantic french restaurants and churches to get married in, it’s much more likely to be searching for abortion clinics and embassy information. keep me up on more of these parodies – the field is wide open.

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