Phil Ivey on Cover of ESPN the Magazine

Phil Ivey cover ESPN the Magazine

Phil Ivey is big pimpin' on the cover of ESPN the Magazine.

Last week we wrote that ESPN was featuring Phil Ivey in their magazine. However, we didn’t know that he got the cover.

Turns out Ivey gets the cover of the November 2nd issue.

The article, written by Chad Millman, follows Ivey around the world during the filming of a E:60 piece on him. It’s a definite “pull back the curtain piece” that you typically don’t get with Ivey. One of the better reveals:

He’s an A-list celeb among A-list celebs, texting with Michael Phelps about attending DC charity events, going backstage with Jay-Z, golfing with Michael Jordan. He’s finding that it’s not easy to be a private man anymore. “I don’t know if you can be a celebrity and the world’s best player,” says Ivey’s pal, poker vet Howard Lederer.

If you have an ESPN Insider account, go here. It’s worth registering for one just for the pic of Ivey’s ridiculous online poker “office” set up.

* Photo: Art Streiber


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