Phil Ivey Wins Over $11M Playing Punto Banco in London; Casino Refuses to Pay

Crockfords is keeping about $11.7M out of Phil Ivey’s wallet.

Alternate Headline: Crockfords Is The New Full Tilt Poker

In a story that’s actually making international mainstream news, Phil Ivey won over £7.3M ($11.7M USD) playing Punto Banco, a variant of Baccarat, in London’s Crockfords casino about six weeks ago. The casino though believes Ivey won through collusion, and has only returned his £1M stake.

The casino, which is the oldest private gaming club in the world, is now in a tangle with Ivey’s lawyers over the money. From the sounds of it, Ivey did nothing wrong other than going on a sick heater, but the casino is trying to prove otherwise.

Read more about Ivey’s winnings (and witholdings) here.

Watch the CNN piece on it here.


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