Phil Laak Has Seen Better Days

I bet you you can't drive an ATV through that tree...

According to trusted news source Twitter, Phil Laak was ATV’ing in Oregon with pal Antonio Esfandiari. Things were going great. Life was good. Until Laak wrecked his ATV.

The accident left the Unabomber with seven broken bones and a lacerated eye.

That would basically be the opposite of a double rainbow.

In somewhat related news, Jennifer Tilly still has fantastic breasts.


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  1. Vinny B.

    August 6, 2010 11:21 am, Reply

    Madsen is a total tool. If I ever get the chance to play with him, I am going to call him on his idiotic rants.

    Anyway, I hope Phil Laak recovers well. Always liked that guy.

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