Phil Laak Playing Poker Against a Machine Not Named Mizrachi

Phil_closeupPoker pros Phil Laak and Ali Eslami are in the midst of a two days heads-up match for $50,000 against a machine not named Michael Mizrachi, who is a machine, at the annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence in Vancouver, a city north of Seattle.

Cana-nerds at the University of Alberta have developed a poker playing computer named Polaris and have apparently improved upon the science behind a program Laak defeated two years ago by employing more game theory into the equation to account for changing gears during play. To take luck out of the equation as much as possible, Laak and Eslami are playing against Polaris in separate rooms, and their games are mirror images of one another, with Eslami getting the cards that Polaris received in its hands against Laak, and vice versa.

At the end of Day 1 action in this first ever Man-Machine Poker Championship, Polaris has the edge, winning the second session of play after coming to a draw earlier in the day. Someone over at the University of Alberta is live blogging the event, which really brings to life the excitement of two guys sitting in a room playing a computer for ten hours. Go check out the blog here and if you enjoy this kind of stuff, definitely check out this exciting YouTube video.

If you’re into boring crap instead, like 50 second videos of hot chicks in little white shorts shaking their goods while putting lip gloss on, check out the below.


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