Planet Hollywood Poker Room Supervisors Inducted Into Stupid Poker Hall of Fame

Planet Hollywood Poker Room Supervisors

From left to right: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid and Stupid (aka Scott Marshall, Jonathan Sanner, Jason Peterson and Thomas R. Kordick)

We love ourselves some stupid poker criminals, and while they’re few and far between these days, they’re just as stupid as ever.

Case in point, the four new members we’re inducting into the hallowed halls of our Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame today:  Jonathan Sanner, Jason Peterson, Thomas R. Kordick, and Scott Marshall.

The four stupid poker criminals were supervisors/managers at the Planet Hollywood poker room who allegedly pocketed $2,201 in phony jackpot payoffs. As anyone who is not stupid would guess, the guys were busted by surveillance video in the casino.

The Las Vegas Sun explains:

To work the scam, according to arrest reports, Sanner and Peterson made up three false names who had “won” a special poker hand on Aug. 14. Marshall and Kordick did the same for one fictional player on Aug. 15.

The men were in charge of signing off on the payouts and had access to the cash payouts.

Surveillance staff at Planet Hollywood noticed that none of the fictitious players — with their fake names signed on forms by the men arrested in the scam — had ever played poker, police reports said. Video footage also showed Kordick creating a $487 “high hand” jackpot on a Planet Hollywood record log. Then Marshall, as supervisor in charge, signed off on the payout.

The four now face several charges, including theft, forgery, conspiracy and embezzlement.

Check out some of our other Stupid Poker Criminal Hall of Fame members below:


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