Player Reactions to Chris Ferguson Secret FTP Account Story

Chris Ferguson has seen better days. Although this probably wasn't one of them either.

Subject:Poker dropped a thorough investigative piece on Wednesday detailing Chris Ferguson‘s [not so] secret [anymore] bank accounts with Full Tilt Poker/Pocket Kings.

Give it a read here, but the gist is Ferguson moved a lot of money between accounts, loaned Tilt a bundle of cash post-Black Friday, bought shares from many a shareholder, and is potentially keeping the skids on the Groupe Bernard Tapie deal from going through.

Player reaction to the story via Twitter was expectedly harsh. Some notable remarks:

Jonathan Aguiar:

Given recent reports detailing Chris Ferguson‘s transgressions at FTP I assume @WSOP will be covering his banner in the future

Gavin Griffin:

I’m disgusted, I used to like Chris

Brian Hastings:

Please no

Short-Stack Shamus:

Chris Ferguson‘s lawyer having the name Imrich is the uncanny-name-bookend of Moneymaker starting it all.

The biggest arrows though were flung by WPT Raw Deal host Tony Dunst:

If Chris Ferguson shows his face in poker again I’ll happily be the first one to drive a stake through that piece of shits ankle.

I’d bring retribution to Lederer too if I weren’t so confident that the fat fuck will eat himself to death if he has any money left.

Expect absolute bedlam to ensue if Ferguson actually does keep the Tapie-Tilt deal from happening.


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