Poker After Dark is Reaching

Doyle Brunson playing Poker After Dark Cowboys weekApparently running out of good ideas, this week’s Poker After Dark on NBC is getting all Brokeback with a Cowboys theme with all six poker players supposedly fond of donning a cowboy hat at the poker table.

The six “gun slingers” are Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch, Doyle Brunson, Hoyt Corkins, Gabe Kaplan and Chau Giang, who ironically never wears a cowboy hat.

Rumors are a “Lefties Week” and “Straight Male Hairdressers Week” are both in the works.

In related news, not all guys walking around Vegas wearing a Stetson, heavy-starched shirt and Wranglers when the rodeo is in town appreciate it when you say: “Loved ya in Brokeback Mountain, cowboy.” Some actually may punch you in the face.

Poker After Dark website here. Shoot them an email and suggest a “poker players who screwed/got screwed by Brandi Hawbaker” week. Or month.


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