Poker and Princess Leia

Chops here.

As Snake reported this weekend, there is rampant slagging of poker going on in the sports media and by some blogs. People are turning on the poker "trend" quicker then they did on The Strokes back in ’02, as this great quote illustrates: "Poker fucking sucks the malformed robotic penis of General Grievous.Even sports columnist Steve Czaban is taking stabs at the poker popularity pot, writing that poker players are a "collection of misfits and shut-ins that resemble the human version of the bar scene in Star Wars." 

So yes, apparently much poker venom is being spewed from a sector of society that worships at the altar of Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-wan.  Since I’m a former Star Wars fanatic (who grew out of it when I was around 7), 262000_1Snake asked me my thoughts on why this is so, and here they are:

I’ll throw it out there and say most Star Wars Geeks (SWGs) aren’t playing poker. Why? Because they are: 1) watching Star Wars, or 2) throwing 12-sided dice while dressing up as Merlin and playing D&D. SWGs then aren’t going to be in tune with much that doesn’t involve some sort of (non-sexual) fantasy or role-playing game. Poker would probably seem "uncool" to SWGs until maybe Bots make a final table…or Clonie Gowen dresses up as ‚Äúslave Leia‚Äù in Episode VI.

Since it’s easier to attack something unfamiliar then embrace it, SWGs–under the cloak of anonymity provided by the so-called "Internet"–are more likely to slam poker as yet another cool trend that will be ditched by wannabe celeb worshipers as soon as the next trend comes along. This flies directly in the face of what an SWG is all about…and that is…completely becoming immersed with something greater than you are, even if it means complete social outcasting and only getting laid by your palm while looking at pictures of Princess Leia in that slave outfit from Episode VI.


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