Poker Blotter

Diamond_2 Acejail_1_1 Looks like the Democratic Party is targeting the wrong New York state politician for a run at President in 2008.  As reported by Poker 777, State Senator John Sabini has proposed a bill that would legally allow social poker games‚Äîlike your regular home game or average restaurant/bar game‚Äîso long as the entry or prizes didn‚Äôt eclipse certain established parameters.  If the bill passes, it would be a definite notch in the belt for the legalization of poker.

Diamond_2Wyoming‚Äôs state motto is ‚ÄúEqual rights.‚Äù  Will that motto extend to the poker felt? Billiards and dart tournaments have been popular and ‚Äúlegal‚Äù in the state for some time.  The poker boom is causing some debate and discussion about the legality of Texas hold‚Äôem games across the state.  Read more about poker games in Wyoming from this weekend‚Äôs Casper Star Tribune


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