Poker Brat Packs a Wallop

Ph2 Can’t wait to see this one on ESPN’s WSOP coverage.

With 11 players left in Event #19, $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha, Tim Martz busted out two of the WSOP’s all-time greats, Jay Heimowitz (6 bracelets) and Phil Hellmuth (9).  But not before Hellmuth showed why he’s known as the "Poker Brat." 

Here’s how it shook down:
Short-stacked, Heimowitz moves all-in pre-flop.  Hellmuth re-raises and is called by Tim Martz.  The flop produces Kc-7h-8d, and Hellmuth moves all-in with his remaining chips.  He’s quickly called by Martz.  Hellmuth shows: As-7s-Kh-8c.  Martz: Kd-Jh-Jc-9d. 

The turn is a 10d, the river a Jd, and Martz makes a King-high flush, sending Hellmuth to the rail.  But before he gets there, Hellmuth goes George Carlin on the table with a torrent of f-bombs and chair kicking.  Earmuffs children, earmuffs. 

Heimowitz takes $5,080 for his 11th place finish.  Hellmuth grabs $5,080 for 10th, but also will likely grab an obscene amount of camera time on ESPN for his obscenity-laden tirade. 

Action picks up again this morning.  Chip count for the final table is: 1) Barry Greenstein – 92,500, 2) Tim Martz – 72,500, 3) Paul Maxfield – 67,000, 4)  Paul Vinci – 54,000, 5) Toto Leonidas – 45,000, 6) Sam Silverman – 39,000, 7) Chris Lindenmayer – 35,500, 8)Eric Bloore – 16,000, 9) Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson – 16,000.


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  1. snake

    June 20, 2005 9:44 am, Reply

    I feel Hellmuth’s pain. I mean Martz couldn’t have felt that great about his hand on the flop and after Hellmuth goes all in…Hellmuth was playing pretty aggressive and perhaps Martz felt Hellmuth was aggressively playing a draw with a piece of the flop…not sure what the stack count was here between the two…it shows you how Omaha plays out though…Martz had a pair of Kings with Jack kicker as well as a gut shot draw and backdoor flush draw plus a possible set of Jacks coming and even a long, long shot boat. As things would have it…he hits his flush (on the river), straight (on the turn), and set (river) and Hellmuth was stuck with a measly two pair. By the way, Hellmuth is now at 48 cashes…Johnston has 48 and Cloutier, with his win in event 13 has 47….

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