Poker Brings Pair Together…Ahhhhh

Story provided by: Beans

KingKqueen Typically, poker (and online poker, in particular) is known to wreck relationships.

So on this Hallmark-induced holiday, it’s good to see poker unite man and woman for a change.

Party Poker is taking responsibility for the marriage of two of its fishies, Gary Suffir, a lawyer from New York, and Jackie Johnson, an artist from Las Vegas. The two met while playing Omaha on the site and will be going all-in on their commitment (ceremonially at least, let’s hope they’ve sealed this biblically already) during a poker-themed ceremony in Las Vegas on March 7, 2006.

The online match gives hope to BlackSpys everywhere.

After the wedding, the pair is reportedly spending their honeymoon aboard the Party Poker Million V cruise. There will also be an online tournament for guests of the wedding.

This wedding may have larger repercussions than just the end of Gary‚Äôs bachelorhood, as Party Poker has realized that it can potentially tap in to a different market and demographic. According to Party Poker spokesperson Warren Lush, ‚ÄúSince hearing about Gary and Jackie, we’ve now done a deal with LavaLife for some private poker dating tables. Perhaps we should think about creating our own online dating site."

This of course would make for some wonderfully awkward “Meet the Parents” type introductions.

“Hi Mom and Dad. This is John. I met him at 3 a.m. on a $5-$10 NLH table a few months ago. His tag cracked me up. He calls himself, ‘Poopface Killa.’ It was meant to be.”

Anyway, congratulations to Gary and Jackie and may you never take any relational bad beats. And Gary, you might be the only guy in the world that could actually buy WPT jewelry for his better half without facing certain relational death as a consequence. Bravo.


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