Poker Game Settles New Mexico Election

Poker Game Decides New Mexico Election with Josie Richards winning with a pair of ninesIt was a pair of nines in a game of five-card stud that earned Josie Richards (on left in pic, or maybe right, who cares), a woman, her seat as the town trustee in the city of Estancia, New Mexico, which is cleaner than regular Mexico.

Richards and her opponent Michelle Dunlap, another woman, ended up in a draw after a vote for the position, and under New Mexico law, in the event of a tie, the winner is chosen by a game of chance.

This wasn’t the first time poker has settled an election draw in Estancia. In 2001, the mayor of Estancia James Farrington was re-elected to the town’s top job when he won a single hand of poker against JoAnn Carlson, a woman, with an ace-high flush. She drew a 10-high flush.

For the video news story of Josie Richards’ election/poker win, go here.

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