Poker Hall of Fame Nomination Poll: Mortensen, Seed Biggest Snubs

Maybe next year for Carlos Mortensen and Huck Seed…

The results are in.

This year saw some new faces on the 2012 Poker Hall of Fame ballot. Six new faces from last year, to be exact. And apparently, two glaring omissions.

According to our readers, the biggest snubs on the 2012 Poker Hall of Fame ballot were Carlos Mortensen (who in our opinion should’ve been a first ballot inductee) and Huck Seed.

Mortensen led all with almost 39% of your vote. Huck Seed was tops for the first few days, but ended up receiving the second highest amount of votes with 29.9%.

Just over 15% of our readers felt Ted Forrest was the biggest snub. The writers of Rounders received 7% and WPT founder Steve Lipscomb logged 4% of the votes.

Expect to see Mortensen and Seed back on the ballot next year. As for who we’re voting for this year, we’ll post that next week.


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