Poker Movie Deal Probably Will Suck; Studio Postpones Premiere

Shannonelizabeth02Robin Leach’s Vegas Luxe Life is reporting that studio honchos at MGM have made a last minute decision to postpone the October 1 red carpet world premiere for Deal, the poker movie that stars 103-year-old Burt Reynolds and poker-er actress Shannon Elizabeth (at right).

Leach says the premiere for the Gil Cates Jr. directed film was postponed due to “studio requirements,” which is fancy talk for “it really sucks bad right now and has no chance of doing well because shit we don’t even have Drew Barrymore and that Hulk guy in it and that movie made less than a Jamie Kennedy film BUT we’re still going to dump more money into it to try to make it suck a little less.”

Insiders think Deal may still hit theatres sometime this winter.

If you don’t know, Deal is about a young guy (actor Bret Harrison) who gets taken under the wing of an old poker player (Burt Reynolds) while falling in love with a girl (Shannon Elizabeth). In a surprise finale that you’ll never see coming in a million years, the two poker players end up competing against each . . . wait, wait, wait just a second . . . isn’t this Color of Money dressed up as a poker movie? Or Lucky You dressed up as another bad poker movie? If Hollywood’s going to go that route at least make it interesting, like maybe steal the storyline from Kramer vs. Kramer but instead of a nasty court proceeding the couple fight over custody of their kid at a final table. Heck, the kid from Kramer vs. Kramer can even star in the film. He’s a poker player.

Anyway, here’s hoping Zak Penn’s poker film The Grand, which also stars Shannon Elizabeth, lives up to the hype it got at Tribeca this year. Doing it right, Penn takes a comical approach to the poker film genre by making a mockumentary about a poker tournament. The Grand is slated for a limited release in theatres sometime in 2008.

As a side note, to promote the premiere of Deal Shannon Elizabeth had to pimp some “Win a Trip to Vegas” contest that was really one of those cheesy timeshare resort promotions. One lucky sucker blogged about it here.

Also as a side note, photos of Shannon Elizabeth prettying up a poker room after the jump.



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